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Quality Control Production & Post Production

In order to Assure products Quality, our company has installed advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, which sets up complete inspection , control production dimension at different stages and establish a high strict quality control and inspection at different levels.

Pigler & Pressure

Equipment installed is Zeiss Spectrometer/Spectroscopy, Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, Mittutoyo 3D Measurement, Hydro Test Equipment, Eddy Current Test Equipment

Quality Policy

Incorporating customer needs and customer in center of all developments, customer satisfaction and CRM Strategy. Continuous training programs both for soft skill and Quality Control Programs to keep brace with the recent development

We always ensure that our principles have a commitment to quality, which is reflected by their Quality Assurance Sytem in accordance to ISO 90002 and beyond, an in compliance with Standards established by internationally recognized and reputed certifiying bodies.

Reduction & Extrusion

ERP System

Improves theefficiency communication and control of all operation from beginning to end. Helps to establish efficient flow of production information through different stages, enhance the functioning of the production lines, reduce bottle necks and downtime, help in quality maintenance , improves efficiency in procurement, ensures efficient use of capital, helps in achieving target products plan and control process, control quality and inspection. Helpsin post-production sales cycle.

Process and Flow

Each product undergoes a series of comprehensive mandatory & customer specified supplementary and special tests at its in-house testing facilities by its qualified personnel.Product testing at recognized third-party test laboratories can also be offered.

Inspection & Testing offered are as follows:

1. Mechanical Testing & Chemical Analysis.
2. Fully equipped laboratory for Corrosion Testing, Chloride Contamination Testing, Bath Analysis Testing, Die Penetrant Test & Residual Stress Measurement.
3. Micro Structure Examination / Analysis.
4. Laboratory Spectrometer & Portable Spectrometer.
5. Positive Material Identification [PMI] Tester
6. Hydro Testing –SS Straight & U-Tubes and CS Pipes
7. Air Under Water Testing – Straight Length upto 30 Meters
8. Ferrite Content & Surface Finish
9. Fibroscope – Inside surface checking of Tubes having outside diameter 4.7 MM and above
10. Surface Roughness Tester
11. Non Destructive Testing offered

o Eddy Current Tester
o Ultrasonic Testing with full body thickness measurement.
o Real Time Digital Radiography Testing
o Conventional Film Radiography